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Analyze the job offer

You need to print the ad, read the offer and highlight the key elements of the announcement, that is : training, experience, duties to perform, key skills and personal qualities (behavioral skills) : does my profile match ? If so, you can build your resume otherwise it is not necessary to answer this job advert !

Also, having analyzed the offer, you can build your resume according to recruiters' expectations and provide an effective CV in line with the criteria required in the ad. So you have to constantly make the match between these key points of the announcement and your career to create the CV.

Classic CV ( in French )

It is designed to suit all profiles and is the most common model, it describes your career classifying your work experience and training from the most recent to the oldest. You can also mention your language and computer skills.

The topics of the classic CV :

1. Work experience
Indicates the job positions you held by automatically classifying the most recent to oldest.

2. Training
Present your educational and professional training from the newest to the oldest.

3. Computer skills
Allows you to enhance your computer skills (word processing, spreadsheet, etc).

4. Level Languages
This section introduces your language skills and thus your level of mastery for each language.

5. Interests
This section depicts your habits, passions, favorite sports and also your non-work activities.

Choose another type of CV

You can choose between 3 other CV according to your profile:

The beginner CV : more suitable for young graduates with little or no work experience, their "Training" is entered first on the CV before the "Work Experience" to better enhance your training otherwise it meets the other rules of classic CV presentation.

The chronological CV : suitable for executives and managers willing to progress in their careers, acquire "Work Experience", these skills are indicated in chronological order, from the oldest to most recent ! As an expert in recruitment, I prefer a presentation of the most recent experiences with older as shown in the classic CV.

The thematic CV : more suited for candidates who have held positions or have had periods of unemployment or inactivity, temporary or short period of work. Also, the goal is to develop your skills in your professional life. You are to describe your professional skills before the other sections (Professional experience ...)

Further information on the CV

Note your contact details : First and last name, mailing address, telephone numbers (fixed and mobile), email address and possibly your Skype address often located on the top left of the CV. I advise you to note your age, marital status, and if you have a driving license and a car, the information on your resume (often below contact information). Then you may, if you want, put your photo on your CV, but it must be presented in a professional manner in a "Passport photo" format while avoiding fantasy.

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Cover letter ( in French )

For the cover letter, following the analysis of the above vacancy, it will also be a perfect fit with the key elements of the announcement identified, that is to say: training, work experience, key skills and personal qualities (behavioral skills)

Indeed, the goal is to adapt to the maximum your cover letter to the expectations of recruiters and thus offer an effective letter by constantly linking the required criteria of the ad and your career.

To precisely be efficient, you will find in the "list of cover letters" a document entitled "Explications des ELEMENTS Lettre de Motivation". This document explains precisely the key elements and parts of a cover letter.


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