1) Legal information :

1.1. Editor:

Hello Job Ltd is a Mauritian company registered with the Business Registration Department of the Republic of Mauritius ("Business Registration Number": C15128774).
Christophe AUCHER is the creator, developer, publisher and owner of the site
Publishing Director : Christophe AUCHER.

2.2. Host & Web Developer :

The site is hosted by :

SAS with capital of 10,000,000
RCS Roubaix - Tourcoing 424 761 419 00045
Code APE 6202A
VAT number : FR 22424761419
Headquarters : 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France

This entire site raises French and international legislation on copyright and intellectual property. All rights are reserved, including the iconographic and photographic documents.

The design and development of the website Hello Job was made by Codi One web agency based in Orléans (France) :

SAS Codi One
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VAT intracommunity : FR 807526538
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2) General Terms and Conditions of website:

2.1. Agreement of the terms and conditions by the user :

The terms and conditions are deemed accepted when the user connects to website. The user agrees to read these terms and conditions and to respect all conditions fully.

2.2. Duration and modification of the terms and conditions :

These conditions are valid for an indefinite period between the user and the company Hello Job Ltd (publisher of the site). Hello Job Ltd reserves the right to modify these terms at any time without informing users, but these changes will be online and searchable at any time in the "Terms and Conditions" section of our site. It is the responsibility of the user to take back knowledge and respect when connecting after the change in general conditions. Therefore, subsequent connection to changing general conditions is deemed to be accepted by the user.

2.3. Personal data :

Hello Job Ltd informs the user that the personal data collected as part of a consultation profile or folder on the website or replying to ads published on the site are subject to automated processing by Hello Job Ltd.

Data from users is stored on secured servers.
The user has the right to access and rectify their personal data in particular since the button "ACCOUNT" or the button "APPLICANTS" (then "my applicant folder") of our website menu. The company or recruiter can also modify their information by clicking the button "ACCOUNT" of our website menu.
All users have a reserved workspace protected by a username and password to access their personalized services (dashboard, posting of resume...) and their information (personal profile or professional profile.)
The deposit resume, cover letters or sending an application with attached document or information by a user who is registered and therefore identified on the site, entitles Hello Job to transmit or make available such documents and information to all recruiters or our clients.

2.4. Obligations of users :

2.4.1. Intellectual Property and liabilities related to reproduction :

Hello Job Ltd grants users authorization to view the content only for personal or private use. For any other type of distribution for commercial and/or public purposes of our website, or any user who wants to use the site content by reusing and displaying services offered they must obtain the prior consent of the Publisher. We therefore invite you to contact us via email by clicking on the button "CONTACT" of our website menu.

We remind users that all elements of the site are protected under the law of intellectual property.

The website structure, the presentation and the general composition of the site, text, video, images (animated or not), sounds, know-how, services available online, recruitment tools, programs, search engines, personal and professional workspaces (dashboards), personal and professional profiles, software and any other component of this site are the exclusive property of Hello Job Ltd, except the content to third-party sites like the website " www "for testing and assessment tools for example. Total or partial reproduction of this website by any means whatsoever without the express permission of Hello Job is prohibited and constitutes forgery. It is the same regarding information and databases that are present on the website which are protected. Total or partial reproduction of trademarks or logos present on the Hello Job website is prohibited.

2.4.2. Liabilities, site access and terms of use :

As a reminder, any access or use of the site implies the acceptance and respect of the general conditions. Also, you must be at least 18 years of age to use this site and to accept these terms and conditions. You are responsible for your account information, security and privacy (including your password). It is forbidden to open more than one account per user except express agreement from Hello Job.

Any link to this site is possible with the approval of Hello Job Ltd and providing the site is serious and complies with regulations. Hello Job reserves the right to reject any link or partnership without justification. The information contained in this site is for indication only and the user agrees to use this information under his sole responsibility. The user is informed that he can receive information about the services offered by Hello Job as part of his job search, recruitment services or services offered by Hello Job or its partners on the site or by using the links provided to third party websites via He accepts those terms of use.

Hello Job stands by to join in serious institutions, however we cannot be held accountable for their use of the information available on the site and in particular about the applicants even if the terms and conditions of and the conditions of partnership with companies reminds that such information and databases of applicants should be used only in the context of internal recruitment by companies.

To gain access to the site, you need to click on the "LOGIN" button menu, entering your username and password that you specified yourself at the first entry, otherwise click on the "REGISTRATION" button menu to create your account on the site hello To log out of your own session, just click on the button "ACCOUNT" menu and click on logout .

If your password is lost, you must click the "LOGIN" button menu and "Forgot your password? ". You will simply have to follow a security procedure to reconnect to our site with a new password of your choice.

Hello Job invites you to consult the "Videos Hello Job" on our site by clicking the button (above) "Quick Links "(bottom line) where you have a video of the use of the key features of the site, a user guide of the site in general and the presentation of services, as well as the company s presentation.

The user is the sole judge and fully responsible for the information especially when he decides to publish on his personal profile or professional profile or on the site in general. He commits upon creating and managing his profile or disseminate information (job vacancies, resumes, cover letters...) to : To provide the correct information, especially on his identity,
Not to connect to our website or to use the services on our site for the purpose of illegal activities and immoral use,
Not to disseminate, on his personal or professional profile or on the site in general, information not respecting public order and morality, defamatory or offensive content or in tort, affecting the rights and honor, invasive of privacy and image rights of persons who may be identified,
Do not insert hyperlinks on the site pointing to sites content would be contrary to any of these criterias.

Hello Job cannot control all content posted but will especially, after reporting, remove any content that does not respect any of these criterias. The user is prompted, by email (button "CONTACT"), to inform Hello Job all content likely to be inaccurate, illegal, offensive or defamatory, incompatible or in violation of these terms.

2.5. Responsibilities and obligations of Hello Job :

Hello Job agrees to ensure supply and continuity of online services offered to the user. However, liability can be incurred in case of force majeure or independent fact of the Hello Job Ltd company or of website, especially in case of interruption of service of our website as a result of telephone network s failure, internet service providers, interruption of electrical network, host failure and for maintenance reasons. Also, Hello Job Ltd can perform updates on the site which can disrupt the services of the website, but the user accepts these terms of service interruption or maintenance.

Hello Job is not liable for any use that may be made by the user about information, data and services available on our website and we inform in our partnership conditions and the present general conditions the strict rules to be followed in connection with the use of

Indeed, the responsibility of Hello Job cannot be held liable for : any use by third parties, of the data provided by users and transmitted to Job recruiters by Hello Job according to the conditions set out in paragraphs 2.3 and 2.4 of these terms and conditions,
any use of data relating to consultations made by users who would not comply with these terms and conditions,
any content or information provided by users in the documents and on the site in general not complying with these terms and conditions,
all the content of the website published and managed by third parties and accessible by hypertext links on the site,
loss or theft of your username and password or fraudulent use, and the resulting consequences.

Also, Hello Job has no obligation to store data and files posted by users on the site. The latter should take appropriate measures to save these data and files on any suitable equipment.

2.6. Cookies and site safety :

When visiting our website, Hello Job alerts the user that a cookie could be installed on their browser. A cookie does not identify users but is used to record information about the navigation of your computer on the site that could be read by Hello Job in subsequent connections by users. Hello Job informs users that they can block the registration of cookies by configuring their browser. uses the latest and most efficient security systems in order to optimize safety of the site, but we have an obligation of means and therefore we cannot be responsible for the presence of viruses or "malwares" on our website

2.7. Terms and Sales Conditions on the website :

Our general terms and sales conditions apply exclusively between Hello Job Ltd and any person or company (the "Client") visiting or making a purchase via the website especially, services, tools, recruitment services, online advertisements or job offers. The client must be at least 18 years of age and have the legal capacity allowing him to place an order on the website. Companies have to provide both a valid Business Registration Number and a VAT Number to Hello Job Ltd for any registration or transactions on our website.

Any order made on the website or by phone, implies acceptance of these general terms and sales conditions by the client. The information recorded from this order by proves the veracity of these transactions. We can refuse an order if a client already has litigation settlements with Hello Job.

The prices of our services are in rupees, excluding taxes, at the rates except for recruitment services tailored especially for companies and sometimes level offerings for individuals. Prices will always be updated online and can be changed at any time, the price will be the price in effect on the date of the order registered on the site or eventually the price indicated on the proposal or quotation, in the context of a particular service as for example a full service recruitment. The payment methods are by cheque (payable to "Hello Job Ltd"), bank transfer or payment by the "Juice" program (individuals only) via smartphone, according to the items listed on the site. The amount of the order must be settled in full as well as all the taxes included.

The client's commitment will take effect on the date of acceptance of these terms and sales conditions and will expire at last period of services used, purchased from Hello Job. If the client does not comply with these terms and general conditions, Hello Job may suspend or stop immediately the use of its services to the Client concerned. In this case, the amount already paid is considered as due.

In case of complaints regarding an order or services purchased online, you may write and send a letter at the following address: TRAIN2GAIN HELLO JOB, 74 avenue Telfair, Quatre Bornes, Mauritius.