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Key points: 


HELLO JOB, as its name suggests, is a portal on employment both dynamic, modern and professional and positions itself as the reference in Mauritius in terms of variety of information always updated on employment, high-end recruitment tools, services and features including the best existing search engines in Mauritius to select the best job offers and precisely target applicants.

This site is the result of a long reflection from HELLO JOB on features, services and information available on the "job boards" existing in the world and leaders in their respective countries especially in France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Germany and Canada.

Following the analysis of these portals and after having used these search engines on employment (over twenty), HELLO JOB took into account the best and avoided the mistakes made ​​on these sites while bringing its experience and innovative ideas to provide the best possible services to the Mauritian and foreign users.

With over 15 years of professional experience as a user of its sites, having been an experienced recruiter and as an applicant, the site was structured, step by step, while reflecting on each feature and information by itself in either the applicants’ or recruiters’ place, to provide the best job portal and high-performance search engines.

You now understand that this site is in no way like employment portals available in Mauritius and abroad because its design was carried out by a recruitment expert (see profile below) which has reflected, according to his ideas and international standards of existing websites : the presentation, search criteria, personal and professional workspace, website navigation, to the relevant information about employment and training, the quality of advice, a website "responsive" adapted to smartphones, the quality of recruitment tools and tests. 





HELLO JOB is destined to be the professional link between applicants and recruiters to thin the job market, to target accurately job offers and applicants, to improve professionalism in the recruitment and access to information (recruitment materials, advice, training and information for foreigners).

Also, there will be updates and new features on this site to constantly adapt to the world of employment and its developments. Moreover, HELLO JOB will constantly innovate and will always respond to its users. HELLO JOB will bring continuous improvements to the website to satisfy the clients. HELLO JOB aims to become one of the most popular recruitment website in Mauritius and already providing the most comprehensive website : job recruitment tools, recruitment services, training, testing and evaluation tools. 

Since February 2016, Hello Job became a member of Train2 gain Group in order to propose to the companies 5 different communication networks networks to spread a job offer throughout Mauritius to reach a maximum of applicants :

-       One month listing on www.hellojob.mu

-       One Email campaign (135,000 mails)

-       A Facebook booster advert

-       Listing in Innovate Mag (a free Train2gain publication)

-       "Petite annonce" in Newspaper

Our aim is to have an affordable job offer for small and medium-sized companies and larges companies, it's easy ! :

-       Only 1 company & 1 contact

-       1 invoice

-       1 very cheap price

-       Maximum Visibility for your advert through 5 different communication networks



Summary on the founder of hellojob.mu website : 



-          15 years of professional experience and key skills : job recruitment in all branches of activities and all kind of profiles, commercial and management.

-          Over 10 years of successful experience with factual results in the employment and recruitment sector.

-          Over 8 years at MANPOWER  (a world leading recruitment company) especially agency manager and company manager having founded his own independent recruitment firm.

-          Company manager and having contributed to the creation of 3 companies.

The most significant qualifications:

-           Graduate "International MBA" at the University of Leicester (UK) and postgraduate level of International Management at ESCEM (Graduate School of Business and Management of Poitiers) in France.

-           Graduate "Post Graduate Diploma in European Business" at the University of Leicester (UK). 


Key Points: 

-          My expertise : "sourcing" of applicants and implementation of the entire recruitment methodology of "A to Z" for any position, any industry and any type of business for more than 10 years.

-          Extensive research, at international level, to analyze the methods used in recruitment processes and further analysis on "job boards" to develop the best concepts which has been achieved by creating HELLO JOB !

-            Guidelines to applicants and companies : “ Job search and recruitment is my passion! ”


HELLO ​​JOB Values: 


-           Compliance to commitments: respect what you say and do so.

-           Transparency : be sincere and frank with applicants and recruiters.

-           Innovation : to be at the forefront on the tools of recruitment and employment-related issues, information and tests constantly updated. A "responsive" website therefore suitable for smartphones.

-          Quality of services : meet site usersneeds, constantly improving service quality and keeping track of the clients’ feedback.

-           Performance and Efficiency : provide the best to users regarding search engine criteria, recruitment tools and features to the site to bring along the most effective and efficient service as possible.