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Business-to-business trade, purchasing, selling


FLOREAL 74105 - Mauritius

Tel : 686-5246
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HR Contact : Melissa Rangasamy
Creation date : 16-11-1987
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Business-to-business trade, purchasing, selling

Description of the company's activity :
History : Adamas is a jewellery haven located on the tropical island paradise of Mauritius-a 'gem' in the Indian Ocean. Adamas has an intricate and special history spanning two continents, nearly two centuries and many generations of a family devoted to the beauty and magic of diamonds. Today Adamas Ltd has grown from being a small one room development off of the original diamond cutting premise of LSP Ltd and Mauriden Ltd to now having four store locations around Mauritius; the original being in Floreal which boasts an attached shopping center and a diamond museum documenting the history, nature, and the manufacturing process of the diamond cutting industry in Mauritius and worldwide. The second store is located at Dias Pier at Caudan Waterfront, the prime shopping center of the island’s capital. And the third located in the north at Richmond Hill Centre Grand Baie. The newest addition to the Adamas Boutiques is located on the West Coast at Cascavelle Shopping Village in Flic en Flac. Our Expertise : In the 25 years since our founding, Adamas and its dedicated team have accumulated a vast array of knowledge and experience in all aspects of the jewelry and precious stone trade, and during the most recent decade, we have added the world of fine watchmaking to our portfolio of expertise.