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Hotel business, tourism, catering, leisure

The Travel Foundation

The Travel Foundation

The CREATE Centre, Smeaton Road
Bristol BS1 6XN - United Kingdom

Tel : +44(0)1179273049
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HR Contact : Shaw Cynthia
Creation date : 28-08-1997
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Hotel business, tourism, catering, leisure

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If we do tourism right, destinations won't just survive, they'll thrive. Anyone who is involved in tourism can be part of this. We believe that tourism can and should shape a better future for destinations. Done well, it can bring new jobs and livelihoods for local people; as well as resources for the conservation of cultural heritage and the natural environment. The Travel Foundation is a registered charity in the UK, founded in 2003. We are a charity that works in partnership with leading tourism organisations in popular holiday destinations around the world. We design and deliver sustainable tourism initiatives and research programmes to enable businesses, governments and communities to maximise the benefits and minimise the negative impacts of tourism. For more information please visit: