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Chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and plastic industries

Eurolux Co Ltd

Eurolux Co Ltd
Round About, Motorway, Camp Fouquereaux,
Phoenix - Mauritius

Tel : 6967165
Mob : 59833545
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HR Contact : Yash Domah
Creation date : 04-10-1994
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Chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and plastic industries

Description of the company's activity :
Eurolux Co. Ltd is a paint and solvents manufacturer & distributor, based in Mauritius. Eurolux is a constant innovator in the paint industry. We are the first paint manufacturer in Mauritius to develop the Paint Shops concept. Our proactive R&D team ensures the highest quality of products are produced. ‘’Constantly Innovating’’ is our working philosophy – our dynamic management welcomes game changing ideas. In Mauritius, we have 28 established paint shops on the island and service approximately 300 hardware shops (quincailleries). Eurolux is also widespread all over the Indian Ocean and Southern Africa. We have established paint shops / manufacturing plants in: 1. Reunion 2. Madagascar (Nos. 1 Paint Supplier in Antananarivo) 3. Comoros 4. Mayottes 5. Democratic Republic of Congo (Nos. 1 Paint Manufacturer in the Katanga Province) 6. South Africa, Johannesburg